Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

It’s a common agreement that brain development in kids is greatly affected by early education. Children learn better when they’re allowed to be creative rather than when they’re pushed too hard. As a result of this, most parents value pre-school education and also take a considerable amount of time to teach their children what they need to learn at this age. Early child education proves to be vital for a child’s higher education. The following are important reasons for early education.


Humans are social beings, and this concept takes shape in early childhood. Early childhood educations are the venue where your child will meet age-mates and start sowing seeds of friendship and socialization in the tender minds. This helps to instill self-confidence in your kid and eliminate shyness.

Reduced Crimes

Early childhood education can help to lower the cases of misconduct in adulthood. Studies have shown improving socio-emotional and cognitive development investments in early childhood education can significantly reduce the involvement of these individuals with the criminal justice system. Lower crime rates mean lower investment in the criminal justice system and increase safety and security.

Health Benefits

Quality, early childhood education programs are also vital for your child’s health. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, roughly 60-70% of pre-school age children do attend a child care program or an early childhood program. Studies have revealed that quality care in these programs can have a positive impact on the child’s learning and development. Besides, the child’s social-emotional development is less likely to be affected, and the need for mental or behavioral health care to the child as they enter primary schools reduced.

Holistic Development

Every human being requires a strong foundation in all aspects of personality, including social, emotional, physical, and mental aspects. At an early age, the teacher can identify any aspects a child has problems and thus encourage the child to improve or institute the relevant remedies. Interaction between peers is also vital in shaping the child’s personality at this age.

Learning & Development

The capacity of a child to learn new things is at its peak at the age of three years. At this age, your child has the highest potential to learn new things. If your child attends early childhood education, they have the opportunity to improve their language and motor skills. They will also develop cognitive and learning skills that they will require as they progress to primary school.

a child reading a bookImportance of Screenings

When your child enrolls for early childhood programs, they have the chance to participate in early childhood screening. This screening offers the 3-5year-olds tests on health, social skills, cognitive development, speech, coordination, hearing, and emotional skills. This screening helps to uncover any health or development issues that need to be addressed to prevent delays in learning.

Early childhood education has a pivotal role to play in your child’s life, both in shaping their future and helping to detect any issues that need to be addressed as they progress to primary and higher education in the future. It also lays the ground for the social, emotional, and cognitive development of your kid.

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Understanding the Role of Television in Education

Educational television has witnessed great advances across the world, thanks to inventive applications. In fact, there have been a lot of success stories as far as using television for education in different countries. That has outlined the idea of television as not only entertainment medium but also educational.

man watching tvRecent studies show that preschool children have witnessed immense results. In fact, the performance of the achievement tests has been shown to improve over time in preschool children who spent adequate time on educational programming as compared to their peers who like watching general entertainment shows. Nowadays, young learners are being taught to be passive learners. You should note that learning needs active engagement and to sustain or generate interest and pay attention to ideas. This is where educational television comes in offering attention and interest.

Other than the beneficial objectives in educational television, it is fairly attractive for students to use audio-visual elements such as danielle jonas nude. In nearly every home, there is a television, and there are programs for both young and older audiences. It is a good idea to choose a television network that provides engaging content. These are some of the roles of television in education.

Training for Citizenship

For a democratic country like the USA, citizenship is an important task. The truth is that television plays an important role in this particular objective through debate, documentaries, and discussion serials. Some of the programs telecasted to develop a patriotic feeling and ensure the obligation of people to the country.

Fosters Sense of National Integration

Need for international understanding and national integration is felt all quarters in modern times. A lot of countries are coming close to each other, thanks to rapid communication. Thus, learners can get a sense of unity, mutual relation, and co-operation to ensure all people live peacefully.

Environmental Awareness

live tvEcological imbalances and environment pollution have challenged the life on the earth in modern times. It is caused by urbanization and rapid population growth that result in a huge stock of garbage, evacuation of harmful gases, and deforestation. There is a need to have a clean environment for hygiene and health and the need for using birth control devices taught through various TV shows.

Another function of television is to provide entertainment to people through different programs like sports, serial, and cinema. The truth is that it is a vital communication medium for enhancing national unity, refining social-cultural life, and developing the economy. Therefore, television contributes to humanity through different programs.

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Musician

Like most creative professions, the life of a musician has its pros and cons. That is because most musicians decide to work part-time than making music a full-time job. This is attributed to the sporadic nature of employment in the artistic industry where the competition is high.

Advantages of Being a Musician

musician playing guitarThe good thing about being a musician is that you can enjoy what you are doing and earn an income as you follow your passion and do what you love. Also, you have an opportunity of collaborating with other artists, get new experiences, and travel across the world. In most cases, professional musicians get their salaries as either solo artists or being part of a group. Other benefits of being a musician include perfecting your craft, creating industry contracts, and making vital contributions to your artistic community.

Disadvantages of Being a Musician

However, being a musician comes with its share of challenges. For instance, the lack of a stable income and steady schedule are some of the disadvantages. Although the travel appeals to many people, being on the move has its drawbacks as you are far from your family. Moreover, musicians do not enjoy the benefits of a steadier job as such as retirement income and health insurance. It may be a serious struggle to make your ends meet when you are performing, traveling, composing, and continually marketing yourself.

Before you launch your career as a musician, you need to have a game plan. For instance, you have to consider costs that are associated with the work you do, including studio time, equipment, and production costs. Also, you will need to hire the services of sound engineers and public relations experts. Remember to factor in promotion expenses and travel expenses.

You should note that the music industry is changing because of the popularity and acceptance of digital music platforms. Although they can help you gain a large audience, they limit your earnings. When starting out, you can use them to gain more exposure.

Playing it Smart

If you have a background in business, marketing, or finance, you can increase your odds of being a creative musician. The truth is that most musicians have side education or training or professions in other areas. For instance, you can be a tutor or a band teacher, or an unrelated field of work.

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How to Change your Career

It is never too late to change your career. You can still start afresh and do something that you enjoy. Unfortunately, change is never easy. It is a scary experience because it means moving from your comfort zone. Planning for a career change is the best way to ensure a smooth transition.

You just need to make sure that you are open-minded. A transition is tough and you are likely to experience some challenges during the process. The good news is that a fulfilling career is the best thing that can happen to you. Here are tips to help you in changing your career:

Interests and Skills

poster with career changeThe first thing when you decide to change your career s to make sure that you evaluate your skills and interests. You will be surprised to know that there are skills that you can still take to your new career. In case you have been working in public relations and the job involves talking to people, then becoming a motivational speaker is easy.

Both jobs involve talking to people and it will be easy to interact with people that you meet. Moving to a career that shares interests with yours is so easy. You can always blend your interests with the skills that you have already.

Do you need Training?

You need to ask yourself if you need training for the career that you want to join. If you are planning to move from business to medicine, then you will need to go to medical school. However, there are some careers that do not need you to have training. You can use the training that you already have to help you in your new career. If you need to train, then you need to prepare and budget for the training.

Be Ready to Learn

notebook, coffee, pencil, glassesWhen starting a new career, you might be required to volunteer or even work as an intern. Working as an intern might be very intimidating for many people. However, you need to remember that it takes time and you will not be an intern for a long time. it is important to learn from people who are already established in the career.

Get Real

It is important to get real about the new career that you want to start. You need to take time and talk to people and also visit the place of work. Visiting people already in the career and talking to them will help you understand the potential challenges.